Our experience

  • Mechanical transmission assemblies

    We design and/or manufacture mechanical units which translate rotational or alternating movement.

  • Pneumatic automation

    We develop and manufacture tools and machines which use compressed air.

  • Hydraulic connectors

    We assemble components to manufacture hydraulic hoses.

  • Electromechanical

    We design and manufacture units which combine mechanical and electrical engineering

Ampoume A project
Icone fleche
Machine A manufactured item

Our activities

  • Machining / mechanical assembly

    Using either conventional or digital manufacturing, we manufacture finished products with the required dimensions.
    For the best performance, we assemble mechanical components using specialised tools and machines.

  • Machine design

    We follow your constraints and expectations to define your specifications and your projects.

  • Industrial supplies

    We source and supply the required standard or specific components for our customers’ activities.

  • Filling lines

    The specialist in filling lines for fine-tipped ampoules

  • Maintenance

    We maintain our production tools to ensure long-term stability at the lowest possible cost.

  • VACFILLER 10 Manual packaging

    These packing machines are ideal for very small packaging volumes for sampling, R&D and productlaunch requirements.
    These machines provide a quality identical to the higher-capacity machines but for a lower investment.
    Simply designed and ergonomic, they can be used discreetly in pharmaceutical, food and farming, cosmetic and chemical laboratories.

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  • VACFILLER 100 Manual packaging

    This entry level industrial model meets the requirements of small volume packaging. This production line was designed to obtain the required regular quality on production volumes.. This machine produces parts and items in a limited production time for the following markets: pharmacy, food and farming, chemistry etc.

    Manual operations with an automatic refilling cycle.

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  • VACFILLER 200 Semi-automatic packaging

    A pivotal piece in the range designed to package industrial volumes; this machine was designed to provide regular production quality compatible with the performance required by our customers. This machine limits downtime due to its simple and ergonomic design.

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  • VACFILLER 300 Automatic packaging

    Designed for high-volume industrial packaging requirements this machine provides regular production quality compatible with the performance required by industry. This machine limits downtime due to its simple and ergonomic design.

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  • VACFILLER - ENGRILLEUSE Semi-automatic packaging


    Placed at the end of Vacfiller® 100, 200 or 300 production lines, this machine can handle any volume and type of ampoule. Connected to a pack filling machine, it is ideal for regular supply. This machine is ergonomic and extremely easy to use. It boosts productivity by limiting downtime and avoiding heavy manual labour.

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Machines for packaging fine-tipped ampoules

  • Our history

    1947 – company created by Emile Deremaux. France is being rebuilt (after the war), it needs skills in precision mechanical engineering.

    1952 – Second-generation – the workshops, factories and machines are enlarged and developed. Raphaël Deremaux goes into partnership with his father.

    1977 – Third generation Stéphane Deremaux, grandson of Emile, joins the company

    1980 – A new building was built and the production activity was moved to the industrial zone in in Aumale.

    1985 – Véronique, Stéphane’s sister, joins the family business.

    1994 – the company doubles its production area

    1995 – Raphaël DEREMAUX hands over the management of the business to his children.

    2000 – Digital production methods and facilities start to be used in production manufacturing.

    2015 – Certification ISO 9001-2015

  • Our philosophy

    Our approach is based on the development of our unique technical products appreciated by companies in the following sectors: industrial, agricultural, rail transport, pharmaceuticals, chemical industry, cosmetics, food and farming, agriculture, automobile and local authorities.

  • Our skills

    Deremaux manufactures, renovates and designs mechanical equipment.

    It designs and produces filling lines for liquid pouches.

    It sells components for mechanical transmissions, pneumatic automation, hydraulic and electro-mechanical connectors.

    More than 70 years in the design and building of precision mechanical machinery.

    The skills required have changed and new ones developed.

  • Our installation / production tool / facilities

    • Conventional turning
    • Digital turning
    • Milling / electro-erosion
    • Digital Milling
    • Rectification
    • Drilling
    • Trimming / Cutting
    • Welding: Stainless steel / Aluminium / Thermoplastic
    • Measurement
    • Mortising
    • Handling
    • Surface treatment
    • Pressing-out
    • Crimping

    To follow is a complete list of machines

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