Vacfiller 10


Applications :

To meet the demand of packaging in very small volumes, these workbench modules were designed for sampling, R&D, product launch with low investment and a level of quality equivalent to market players with higher volumes. Simply and economically designed these packaging machines for liquids in small series can be easily included in pharmaceutical, food and farming, cosmetic and chemical laboratories.

General description :

Composed of two independent modules to place on the workbench:
-> Filling and sealing

Compatible with two types of fine-tipped ampoules :
– Flackpull® double-tipped ampoules, bottles or capped ampoules
– Fillable volumes from 1 to 30 ml.

Simple to use :
– Rapid learning curve and intuitive.
– Manual loading and unloading.
– Automatic filling cycle
– Sealing by heat-sealing or tying
– Rapid change of format -> short preparation times

Stuffing machines – capacity 10 crystallisers / hour (speed based on tap water)



  • Propane
  • 220 volts 50Hz / 16A
  • Cold water
  • Hot Water
  • Piping for waste water

Technical characteristics

  • Standard construction compliant with BPF
  • Automatic filling cycle
  • Simple and rapid settings
  • Manual lighting and extinguishment of the flame
  • Front protection screen in Securit glass
  • Dimensions of the filling module: 600x600x400 mm
  • Dimensions of the sealing module 800x600x500 mm
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