Vacfiller 100


Applications :

Designed to meet the requirements of filling fine-tipped ampoules, this line was built to obtain the same regular production quality of its higher-volume sisters. This physical packaging machine “produces” while limiting downtime and unproductive time and meets the requirements of pharmaceutical, food science, chemical sectors.

General description :

Line composed of two modules which make up the core machine :
-> Filling and sealing
Additional modules:
-> Seal watertightness checking -> washing -> pre-drying -> sterilisation -> racking -> placement into sachets

Compatible with two types of fine-tipped ampoules :

– Flackpull® double-tipped ampoules, bottles or capped ampoules ;

– Fillable volumes from 1 to 30 ml.

Simple to use :
– Rapid learning curve and intuitive ;
– Manual loading and unloading ;
– Automatic filling cycle ;
– Closure by heat-sealing or tying ;
– Rapid change of format -> short preparation times.

Physical machine with a capacity of 75 crystallisers per hour (rate based on tap water).



  • Propane and compressed air (pressure 1 bar).
  • 220 volts 50 Hz 16 A and/or 380 volts 50 Hz 20 A.
  • Filtered compressed air at constant 6 bars.
  • Connection to water cleaning / evacuation system.
  • Cold water
  • Hot Water

Technical characteristics

  • Standard construction compliant with BPF
  • Automatically-controlled filling cycle
  • Easy and rapid setup – modules marked with an index number
  • Auto-controlled lighting and extinguishing cycle of the flame*
  • Flame-detection guaranteeing operator security*
  • Horizontal safety screen in Securit* glass
  • Vacuum pump
  • Dimensions: length 4000mm, width 600mm, height 2000mm
  • Exterior dimensions of the crystaliser 202X202 mmRapid change of format
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