Maintenance and overall of production tools

A production tool must be regularly maintained and overhauled. A defect could adversely affect production and therefore the livelihood of the company over the medium-term. But beyond necessity, good maintenance keeps the machine park in optimal condition, lengthens its life-cycle, reduces scrap and time lost due to malfunction.

Adjustment, repair, renovate, overhaul … Deremaux will always find a solution to the challenges you face in adaptation, breakage or wear …

We provide solutions for renovating / overhauling mechanical and automated systems.

We analysis the defect and return to operational state mechanical components, sub-assemblies or complete machines.

DEREMAUX is an expert in mechanical overhaul by specific intervention :

  • Transfer your machines to our controlled workshop or direct intervention on-site ;
  • Management of updates in line with security standards specified by auditers ;
  • Complete turnkey solutions ;
  • Upgrade of standard modules ;
  • Overhaul of defective components ;
  • Improvement of low yields due to infrequent use machines ;
  • Adaptation of equipment to new production processes.

Our quality system is driven by the satisfaction of our customers

We are proud to count large industrial groups among our customer and partner base and to subcontract for some of the most advanced small and medium sized companies (SME).

Numerous industrial manufacturers and subcontractors use our services on a regular basis in the packaging, car production, food production, pharmaceuticals and glass-production industries.

Customer satisfaction is our priority – we place quality at the heart of our procedures.

To this end, we ensure end-to-end traceability on all our production systems. We carry out regular quality checks and maintain a detailed log for each machine.

Our quality system includes regular permanent contract review to keep in line with customer expectations.

We commit to applying the smallest detail of customer specifications.

On request, we can organise an audit by external auditors (Apave, AIF, BNM).

Our sales team can answer any questions or provide the information you require. Contact us